The FATGIRLSDANCE Movement is here and It's Fierce AF!

by Cathleen Meredith April 14, 2017

FATGIRLS DANCE and Just Curves teamed up to release a graphic tee collection celebrating our confidence and resilience as fat girls.  But what is the FATGIRLSDANCE Movement?  And why is it so important that fat girls dance?!  I asked the Founder of FGD, Cathleen Meredity, to shed some light on the mission of the movement and where it's headed.  Talk to em Cathleen!






FATGIRLSDANCE (FGD) is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance. FATGIRLSDANCE is Fat Girls Dancing. Literally. Not just any dancing. Slaying some of the toughest choreography on the internet and in New York City. Members of squad have committed to learning a new dance every week for 1 year. We are not professional dancers. We are everyday women who represent everyday America who aim to show the world that Fat Girls CAN. Fat Girls DO. Fat Girls DANCE.

FGD initially began as a small social experiment and research for an upcoming book. I was interested in seeing the effect of the actual practice and lifestyle of a dancer on plus size women. Not for health reasons, as exercise, or as a means to lose weight. I wanted to know how the lifestyle of dance effects every day plus size women. Not just the physical strains it puts on our bodies.  It’s more than that. I want to know how our minds, hearts, and spirits will shift when consistently faced with something we think we can’t do. Either because it’s too hard, too fast, too intense, or just not “for” us. And then, time and again, discovering that we were dead wrong.

In short, it was my belief we can do anything when we don’t give up. Dance is a living breathing practice of that. To create that type of discipline in lives and in our bodies is the greatest gift we can give. It is the gift of limitlessness.

 We’ve learned A LOT about ourselves and what we can do. We’ve done a workshop in Los Angeles. We’ve gathered followers and fans around the world. We’ve been approached by 2 major multi-billion dollar companies (who shall remained unnamed) who have told us we are EXACTLY what they are looking for. Which is strange, because these are not “big girl” brands. But us—a random group of plus size non-dancers, are EXACTLY what these people are looking for? Exactly what America is looking for?? 


It let’s us know our vibration is getting louder. The world is hearing the #bopo movement. We are ringing the bell louder and louder and we aren’t being ignored anymore. 

This is why I am so elated to begin this empowering and bad ass t-shirt line with JUSTCURVES™ There is an expression of what we’ve build in this past year: Confidence. Resilience. Strength. And fun! 


We are so excited to share this journey with you. Let’s keep dancing. 

 Love, Light, + Dance, 

Cathleen Meredith



Cathleen Meredith
Cathleen Meredith