Our Story


I remember walking into the gym, wearing my usual tee shirt and yoga pants, but feeling horrible about myself and my body. The pants fit horribly, cutting in into my waist in all the wrong places and the shirt fit weird and tight around my stomach, highlighting everything I wanted to hide. I felt like everyone was staring at me... judging me, and I was ashamed. I had to get out... so I left, feeling like failure and made my way to the nearest drive-thru so I could continue beating myself up. That used to be my experience before Just Curves. Can you relate?

Just Curves was borne out of my own frustration with the frumpy activewear available to us curvy girls. Walk into any gym and you'll see sexy, figure-flattering workout clothes all around you, but, just as in fashion, there wasn't many options for plus size activewear. The few options that were available didn't make me feel sexy or confident, which is why I created Just Curves... Activewear for the Fashionable Curvy Girl!

Just Curves is body-positive activewear for women sizes 14-28. Every piece in the Just Curves collection is designed with your curves in mind. Constructed of high quality fabric and made in the U.S.A, Just Curves is chic, comfortable, and fashion-forward. Clothing is emotional. Whenever you put something on, you feel something about yourself and others feel something about you too. Why not feel sexy and confident while you're working on your fitness? When you look good, you feel good, which boosts confidence, and helps you reach your goals, which is my mission for the woman wearing Just Curves.

  • I believe true transformation can only be achieved through self-love and confidence.
  • I believe if we change how we view our bodies, we can create a new standard of beauty, one that is inclusive of all body shapes and sizes.
  • I believe outward appearance should not be a determining factor of your inward health.
  • I believe life should be lived authentically and fully at whatever size you are today.
  • I believe in being a size happy!

My mission is to empower women through fashion to lead a full and healthy life. Just Curves, is joining the revolution to encourage women to love themselves, no matter their size, striving for health and happiness instead of a dress size. Will you join me?

In Good Health,

Yolanda Williams
Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer