ONEder Woman Spotlight

"The ONEder suit is absolutely empowering. In it, I feel as if my curves can do just about anything: jump, run, shimmy, kick, lift, and yes even fly high, all while looking ONEderful!"

Chontel's Story...

"Check out this ONEder suit created by Just curves! It's the perfect piece of clothing to wear in the gym for plus size women!"

What They're Saying about the ONEder Suit

Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

"Initial reaction : Omg, omg, omg! Finding cute workout clothes for these thick thighs and round bottom just got really easy! I love the fit and style of this ONEder suit and top! Working out in this tomorrow, definitely planning to blog about it"

"Seriously don't see myself ever running in anything other than my ONEdersuit from Yolanda Williams active line Just Curves Activewear. Decided to wear my other workout pants today, and had to keep stopping to pull them up from rolling down lol"


"Just Curves is truly a brand hat we have been waiting for. You know clothes in general can be a struggle for we women with a little (or a lot) extra here and there & finding active wear that fits and SUPPORTS YOU so that you can just workout without worrying about showing too much or falling out of your pants or shirt, is double the struggle. The ONEder Suit is made to support your body during your workouts but not hinder your movement."


"So far I love the all over support and am so shocked at how comfortable and easy to put on/take off it is"

The Curvy Goddess, Plus Size Fitness Trainer

"The best idea ever for all of us who exercise and want to have firm curves"

The Pretty Plus

"As a bigger girl especially, when you are being active, clothing has a tendency to move around and the ONEder Suit is a great way to make sure your pants are staying where you need them. So next time you are in downward dog, you shirt may come up, but your leggings will stay in place and keep you covered and feeling comfortable."


"Real talk time: being a big, athletic girl is hard!! It's difficult to find cute workout clothes that are functional and comfortable. As I've lost weight, I have been able to find more options, but I still have issues! I carry most of my weight in my lower stomach and as confident as I am, I still feel self-conscious when I'm squatting and deadlifting because my shirts creep up and expose the part of my body that I dislike the most. I can't stop midset and adjust my clothes every rep... and the last thing I want to be thinking about when I have over 300 lbs on my back is if my stomach is showing. I also have problems keeping my leggings up as I run and when I do yoga... and that's just annoying, haha Enter @justcurvesactive ONEder Suit. I was SO EXCITED to try this. It fits like leggings, has a panel for tummy control and goes up over your shoulders like a body suit. The bust area is open so you can wear your own sports bra. I wore a tank over the ONEder suit for yoga this morning and it looked just like a pair of normal leggings. I feel supported, I feel comfortable, and I didn't need to stop to pull down my shirt or pull up my pants."